AGF Offers Some Armor for your iPhone July 31, 2009 | by Geoff Duncan

If wrapping those flimsy rubber things around your iPhone isn't cutting it, AGF's clip-on hardshell case promises tons of protection...and "style."
iPhone and iPod touch owners know that protective sleeves and cases for their precious iDevices are a dime a dozem—well, all right, they're more like $20 to $50 apiece, but the point is that the market is not lacking for protective gear for iPhones. Some products are effective, some are stylish, some are silly—and some are all three—but very few can be describes as "tough." They'll do the job from bumping around in a backpack or purse, but not much more.
For folks looking for a sturdier solution, AGF has rolled out its Precision HSD Case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The hardshell case is designed to ride on a belt, strap, or other accessible spot with a 180-swivel clip, and the hard shell case features a microfiber lining that accommodates an iPhone either screen-in or screen-out without actually latching to the phone. Users can easily flip open the case door to view calls or the phone's status, and the hinge is engineered for strength and durability.
Style? Well, not so much. But it won't get you kicked out of a corporate office or a police station.
The AGF Precision HSD case is available now at a suggested price of $34.95; AGF is offering free ground shipping in the continental United States.

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